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Rnet Technology Solutions (RNET-TEC LTD), founded in 2006, is a joint venture led by a number of entrepreneurs who decided to create an innovative one stop shop for Retail Business Management covering everything from inventory management tothe point of sale.

Rnet Technologies has over 20 employees, including programmers, salespeople, project managers, andtraining, implementation and support staff.Rnet executives have vast experience in retail management and retail IT, and aredeeply familiar with the needs of the retail market, the solutions available and what it takes to run a cost-effective and profitable business today.


Advanced PERSONAL Cashier Solutios

From today, everything is customized and much more

Rnet Technologies provides unique and innovative solutionswhich are no less than a breakthrough in computerized sales positions. Rnet Technologies has spent years developing a quickly installed and easily operated product, through innovative architecture for advanced data synchronization engines between the registers and the database.


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Payment Using EMV


POS Adjustment
For any type of business


Total cash register
Back office in the cloud


Dedicated app To a
computerized cash register

Smart and advanced solutions:

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

A system optimized for managing convenience store chains, mini-markets, grocery stores and large supermarkets, made for quick and smart sales. Including sales/discounts, credit management, benefits and loyalty membership management, and on line computerized inventory management.

Toys, gifts and household goods

Managing loyalty membership (changing benefits for different members), updating clients regarding sales and discounts via SMS, issuing gift cards, loyalty points module, inventory management and more.

Fashion and Jewelry

Computerized jewelry repair forms for clients, matrices of various colors and properties for the same product without reestablishing it).

Mobile and PC Repair

Repair shop management, serial tracking of PCs and mobile devices. Computerized repair forms for clients, SMS sent to client when repair complete.

Our app

A unique and innovative app that allows full remote monitoring from your mobile:

The application allows viewing the following data:

Advanced Back Office Module

Your new way of running a business
Using an advanced back office:

Inventory management, and detailed reports

Club management, customer retention and promotion

Control the business anywhere, anytime

Advanced cloud data backup technology

Human service and immediate availability

Unique repair module for cellular stores

Tourist module - for managing tourist groups

Gift Cards Internal and Networked

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