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About the company

Rnet Technology Solutions (RNET-TEC LTD), founded in 2006, is a joint venture led by a number of entrepreneurs who decided to create an innovative one stop shop for Retail Business Management covering everything from inventory management tothe point of sale.

Rnet Technologies has over 20 employees, including programmers, salespeople, project managers, andtraining, implementation and support staff.Rnet executives have vast experience in retail management and retail IT, and aredeeply familiar with the needs of the retail market, the solutions available and what it takes to run a cost-effective and profitable business today.

Why are we the best?

Rnet Technologies provides unique and innovative solutionswhich are no less than a breakthrough in computerized sales positions. Rnet Technologies has spent years developing a quickly installed and easily operated product, through innovative architecture for advanced data synchronization engines between the registers and the database.

The analytics and reports generated by this system are the cutting edge, using the latest technologies and products developed in the BI world.

Rnet’s product managers, project managers, support staff and sales personnel areknowledgeable, experienced and familiar with a broad range of products and with the need of the retail market. We offer the best solution for you based in years of experience and the latest technology.Above all, we constantly strive forexcellence in service.