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Rent a cash register POS systems


Every retail business, no matter how large or small its turnover, requires a system to organize, arrange and control its day to day operations. Whether income and expenses, employee activity, loyalty membership and more, Rnet technologies offers the perfect solution for you to rent:Computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems. There’s no need for purchasing servers, software or licenses. We offers owners various models for them to manage their business from anywhere in the world.

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The computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems we offer for rentisbased on the SaaS model:  Software as a Service which enables you to operate and monitor your cash registers from anywhere, anytime.  The system is easily operated by both the cashiers and the managers with  no prior computer experience needed. The user interface is fully graphic and colorful, tailored to meet the needs of any retail business.

The computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systemsfeature a touch screen and canalso be operatedvia smart keyboard with various shortcut keys and quick search menus. The system can also charge chain wide gift cards, saving you the need interact with credit card companies. 

Computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems – regular and ongoing monitoring

These registers allow computerized tracking of employee activities, including attendance reports, andmotivational sales activities: Average purchases, sales,sales statistics of sales.

The SaaS modelRnet offers enables the transfer of information to customers through SMS and email, an interface module for software such as Priority, AS-400 legacy software, Hashavshevet and other related bookkeeping programs. We also providea unique function, producing business and financial reports to help you examine your business decisions.

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