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POS systems for retail chains


RNET Retail Store is a retail network solution is built on a unique architecture and the latest technology.

The comprehensive solution offered by the company, brings together all corners of the organization ranging from wired POS, back office systems through the branches (back office) to the level of headquarters.

Control system for the store manager, which supports the important system-level fields, as well as the production of documents and a variety of management reports.

Innovative technology concept is simple: to acquire, but take SAAS model – SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE

No need to purchase servers and software licenses are expensive, retention payments servers.
No maintenance is expensive and expensive communication lines compared with parallel systems available on the market.
Get the software as a service anywhere in the world, an innovative model and without purchase.
We work hard to make the everyday retail automatic and easy for you

With hundreds of satisfied customers in Israel, the US, Europe and South Africa, from small shops and medium to the chain stores large RNET Technologies provides systems for a funds management and retail sapiens is the primary stability and survival of extremely high with many features and a variety of designated segments of different retail.

Small RNET system Retail is a very easy and convenient to operate, especially user-friendly and has a stunning graphical user interface.

Small retail RNET system based PC and communication standard and operates .NET technology. And database SQL SERVER 2008 overall sales positions Touch touch screens and colorful graphics that enable easy operation and learning. The system consists of a suite of features that these are the main ones:

RNET POS – Computer Sales position – POS.
RNET In-Store Manager – Store management console.
Absorption mobile device inventory and transfers between stores (optional).
RNET Retail Server – hosting on servers designated existing server farm’s RNET.
SMALL RETAIL RNET treats comprehensively and simply following procedures, as part of the retail life cycle

Club customers and perform management operations Clubs and rewards. Customer credit management business.
Inventory products; inventory management, financial value and rolling stock. Unlimited pricing management-level store.
Purchasing Suppliers: Purchasing Management module. Reports procurement and suppliers, including integration with external purchasing systems.
Provident employees: POS software is fast, simple operation, a touch screen or keyboard operation using smart. Product Support lenient. Fast and simple management of credits, coupons and discounts.
Promotional interfaces customer loyalty and promotional programs in collaboration with DTS.
The software package includes RNET RETAIL STORES:

Price management
Generating custom reports
Prevention and alert module theft and losses
At the urging and the store network sales online
Financial assistance in business decisions
Purchasing and Inventory Management
Employees – timekeeper, transfer funds
Operations management and rewards
Additional modules

Card Gift Card’s internal network – no more credit card companies and an additional fee, the fund side of the argument and making money card transaction fee at any branch of the network.
Representatives stimulation system integration combined operations Ristiim my store and total store sales statistics \ Network, the average purchase and more.
Supporters of system integration events that allows receiving SMS messages personal phone messages or email the events Store.
RNET software bookkeeping module interfaces and items catalog various ERP software: ZOOM, and SAP B, Priority, Hashavshevet, Legacy plans to AS-400, as well as full connectivity software “easily double”.
Changing buttons fund – the option to set the configuration of the register keys including menus, quick keys, and screens Hifosonim.
Customer loyalty points – a member for each group of items, the realization of part of the payment transaction points.