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Ask any business – a computerized cash register increases revenues and reduces spending
Suitable for you to control your money? Track activity is right for you comfortable, reliable and efficient when it comes to your income and expenses? It is time to move forward from the computerized cash register RNET-TEC LTD offers a variety of options for action to help increase the income of the business cycle. Check This!
Module SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE – technology that does not leave you behind
Computerized cash register provides timely and effective solution that meets the needs of retail businesses and adapted to SMEs. The benefits are clear: full control of the business, income, expenses, inventory and more from anywhere in the world at an affordable price at no extra cost involved in installing hardware and software systems related. Computerized selling positions meet all the needs of the business without having to incur additional costs.
All the right reasons to choose a computerized cash register of RNET-TEC LTD
Computerized cash register of the company Rnet Technologies is actually an advanced model that allows computer activity from any computer without having to acquire physical cash. The connection to the sale positions is performed through secure servers immediately, information is obtained simultaneously during the ongoing operations of the business and an external control centers and therefore possible and convenient to use also out of business security control without the use of additional suppliers.
Cash Register Advanced allows some levels that are convenient to all employees in accordance with their roles: RNET POS is used at a sale in front of the consumer, RNET In-Store Manager is used to operate the business management / shop, mobile device used for the process of absorption of inventory and transportation among other centers of business (eg shops other). The mobile computer can be added upon request.
Quality business operation
Awareness of customer needs and faster service time promoting (control of discounts, credits and coupons, customer club management SMS sending emails to customers club – Effective promotion). Using the correct operation processes such as dealing with inventory, suppliers and employees funds, centers the action in one channel business success. Computerized POS allows control of what is happening and centering operations remotely by a friendly and convenient touch-screen operation Advanced.
Every minute that passes saves you money by proper management, broad and effective. Call! Computerized cash register’s RNET-TEC LTD makes a difference.