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Computerized cash register POS systems


Computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems – The smart move for your business

Go for the best, most advanced systems that will bring you to the international level. Computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems that provide the right solution for every aspect of your business make all the difference. Move from survival management to optimal management with full control over expenses and income, all with a fully secure user friendly and convenient system, at probably the lowest cost on the market. Upgradenow!

RNET-TEC LTD and you’re in the right direction

The companyhas started operating in the business sector eight years ago, and provides services to retail chains and retail businesses, all of which enjoy a proven system enabling them to control everything from the store to the chain level. This includesstaff management, procurement and suppliers, inventory turnover, sales, coupons, rebates and customer loyalty club membership.

Why computerized cash register systems?

Computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems enable you to control your business from anywhere without your physical presence needed. It can be installed quickly, does notrequire a server, on a variety of hardware, freeing you of reliance on credit companies. The fast connection to the business does not require any dedicated communication lines or expensive software.

Computerized cash registershave been proven successful worldwide

We currently offer two models:

Apart from pricing management, administrative and financial reports and employee attendance, the programs also support customer loyalty programs. This includes discount and sales tracking, store credit, gift cards and coupons, loyalty club management, promotional SMS and email and more. The business reports we providewill give you a sure indication of your current needs while also helping you focus on growth and development.

RNET-TEC LTD also offers other models for corporate organizational excellence:

Chain wide sales, text messages and emailsfor promotions and special events, interfacing with accounting software, optional cataloging system using advanced software,customizable POS screens, and loyalty point payment.

Computerized cash registers become an integral part of the ongoing activity of the business from the moment of installation. Do not miss the opportunity to grow, develop and increase profits! Call now to bring the future into your business.